Lisbon - Day 1

This summer, I decided to spend a weeks holiday in Lisbon; to be honest it was rather a quick decision on a very last minute; booking the flights together with my best friend&partner in crime with just a week before. So we decided that we will fly with Lufthansa from Budapest through Munich to the beautiful city of Lisbon, capital of Portugal.

With little expectations and arriving in Lisbon with a little bit of delay and no luggage because the connection was too short; we decided to head out and rent a car for the week that we were to spend in Lisbon. With little research of what to do and what to see, we only had a guide offered by; we set out for an adventure of a life time amazingness.

Once we had the car, we set out to drive to the hotel and check in - so that we could head out afterwards for lunch/dinner. We were immersed in the city centre; since our hotel was situated in a central location - just on a small street of the main boulevard of Lisbon called Avenida da Liberdade which resembles very much to the Champs-Élysées boulevard from Paris. We quickly discovered a beautiful city with narrow streets and as well as large streets; all kind of building one more beautiful than the other; they were covered often with tiles having different patters; it was just amazing - not to mention the food has been delicious. People were very friendly and welcoming, I was pleasantly surprised to see that most Portuguese that I met at the hotel would know at least 3 languages; and not to mention that the hotel booked was gorgeous. If you're looking for a quality hotel, this is a 4* Hotel and the service is amazing, try booking a room at Vincci Liberdade.

As you might have noticed I have a lot of house facades and doors in my pictures, and this is because I always find them very fascinating - I think I sort of build an obsession of this since I've been in Amsterdam so many times and been amazed by the doors, house facades and windows they have, especially in the historic part of the city - feel like a puzzle with some many options - for more of these kind of pictures feel free to follow me on Instagram.

Panoramic View of the Square in Front of the Faculty of Medical Science

Panoramic View of the Square in Front of the Faculty of Medical Science

I love the multitude of colours and shapes of houses that you can find in Lisbon - I can say that the vibe, the look and feeling of this city has pleased my eye and heart very much; after walking around for about 2 hours we finally decided to make a stop as well for dinner in an amazing place just on our way to Barrio Alto.

Next day we've tested the beach and did more sightseeing; but will tell you about it in another post.