Lisbon - Day 2 - Beach Day

After a good nights sleep, waking up just a tad with bit later than planned; we rushed to get breakfast and head out to the beach this time. Breakfast was amazingly good and filling, so planning to get breakfast included with our reservation was one of the best deals; also because it saved us a lot of time in the morning.

So in terms of going to the beach, Lisbon has many options - having rented a car proved to be a wise decision because we could be our own time masters on how much time to spend somewhere and not to depend on anything or anyone. We decided to visit one of the beached nearby, on the Sun highway off we went to visit the Costa da Caparica, which is a small city/resort 30 km South of Lisbon.

After missing a couple exits and taking a wrong turn due to the exact location we were aiming to reach, we finally managed to arrive on the beach. We were blessed with amazing weather and beautiful landscape - we were actually aiming for the nudist beach; and I was surprisingly shocked about how open minded the people on the beach were. Not even in Vama Veche on the nudist beach you'll feel so comfortable sun bathing like this.

The Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean

So if you decide visiting  please do make a stop here at the Costa da Caparica and try to get to the Praia Bela Vista; very chill and nice beach; also there is a nice terrace at the entrance on the beach so you can grab some refreshments and food. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures this time except one of the Atlantic Ocean and a video on the way back crossing the Ponte Vinte E Cinco Abril.

Crossing the Ponte Vinte E Cinco Abril