My Idyllic Upbringing

I grew up in the idyllic and beautiful country of Romania. It was there that the artistic inclination was ingrained into me. I have been creating, drawing and interested in the arts for a very young age. I believe my upbringing and influences helped make me into what I am today. My creative edge and style is extremely unique, and I am always striving to create higher quality images and more creative shots.

All images copyright Sebastian Comsa. All rights reserved.

A Creative History

Since growing up I have always been more interested in learning with images and pictures. I am visually minded and I can see a shoot from many angles in my head. I picture the final image with all the editing, long before the shot is actually taken. I took my natural talent and went to school to refine my skills.

I spent two years in Brasov, Romania at a school for the arts and crafts. This school taught me many things about art, photography and how to use my creative mind in the most powerful way.

Always Learning

I didn’t stop at the school in Brasov; I continue to learn up until today. I have attended many workshops in different areas to perfect my skills. I have now learned and crafted my skills with professional photography, product photography, food photography, landscape photography and fashion photography.

I have also stretched my knowledge and comfort zone with nude shoots and editorial photography.  Learning and studying the arts is as much a love for me as creating it. I will continue learning all the time and every shoot I do will get better and more creative as I learn.

A Picture is a Thousand Words

It’s hard to describe what my style and vision is like in mere words. My artistic photography should tell you all you need to know about my work. You could look into my photos and see within each one the high level of detail that I work with. I put my natural creativity, a passionate love, and all the skills I have developed into every single photo.

The best way to understand my background, my style and my professional photography is to have a look at my work. My photographs will paint the picture and tell you the story of what I have done, and how I can help you.

I care deeply about creating the perfect images and style for your needs. My photography is a lot less about who I am and my own creativity than it is about what you desire. I can create the perfect look for you with your business photos, product shoots or any type of photography you desire.