I have a range of photography services that can help you. My natural creativity and developed skills have been honed to work with almost any requirements you have. I have split up my services into four main areas, however I am happy to take any personal requirements you may have.

Professional Business

If you have a business and you are looking for professional shoots then you will have to think about the image you want to give off. I can style a professional shoot to create an image of power and respect.

Every professional photo I create will have a perfect finish and a clean, elegant look. You want to look your absolute best and I guide you in preparation for the shoot and your look while the photos are being taken.

Living Products

Your products need to be shot so they come alive. Most products are photographed blandly, just to show the customer an image. I can bring your products alive so they jump off the page and the customer looks in awe at the magnificent photo.

My product photography services provides photos that can be used in any sort of digital media and can be scaled up to any size you like. We use expert lighting and make your products look even more beautiful than they do in real life. With the right product shoot, your products will sell themselves.

The First Taste

My food photography services are centered on one main idea. The first taste is with the eye. I know how to style your food so every crumb, flake and leaf is perfectly in place. I then shoot it in professional lighting and create a high quality after finish to give it a polished, fresh look.

Your food will look so delicious it will become irresistible. When food is shot in the right way, your menus will sell the food better, your websites will look delicious and your customers will come flocking to eat your delicious looking food.

Artistic Development

As well as corporate, product and food shoots, I also have a range of artistic styles. I can do fashion and editorial photography that brings models alive on the page. I treat each photo as its own creation and put my passion into every single shot. I can also do more artistic shots including high quality landscape photography and nude photography.

For more information or to get started and hire me for your photography needs, please contact me today and we can discuss what you are looking for.